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Our firm offers the unique difference of being both an accomplished Personal Injury law firm as well as being dedicated bike and safe street advocates.

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As bike riders, we understand the unique issues facing cyclists
especially when riding in busy urban areas where collisions
and bicycle accidents can occur.
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We know what it's like
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Rahman Law

We are the Bay Area  and Central Coast’s bicycle accident attorneys

As bike riders, we understand the unique issues facing cyclists, especially when riding in busy urban areas. The bicycle accident attorneys at Rahman Law are knowledgeable about the special laws for bicyclists and are skilled at utilizing these laws to obtain favorable results in bicycle accident cases for our clients in California.

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We Are Leading Bicycle Attorneys

Offices in San Francisco and the Central Coast

As personal injury trial attorneys, the lawyers at Rahman Law PC work with the most skilled experts in the field of bicycle accidents and collisions to obtain the needed evidence to show the other driver’s fault. Bicycles are different from cars, and working with bicycle accident attorneys who ride too gives you representation that’s different.

The lawyers at Rahman Law PC advocate on behalf of cyclists and step up by sponsoring local bicycle coalitions in San Francisco and Paso Robles, California; attending City hearings, and educating the public on making the streets safer for two-wheeled vehicles. Through our representation of hundreds of riders, we have also obtained significant results for clients in bicycle accident cases.

How We Can Help

With Bicycle Accidents and Collisions:

  • Doored While Cycling
  • Crashes Involving Street Defects
  • Collisions with Taxis or Ride Shares
  • Bike Messenger Accidents
  • Failure to Stop or Yield Collisions
  • Bike Lane Crashes
  • Accidents with Motor Vehicles
  • Accidents with Trucks and Tractor-Trailers
  • Pedestrian Crashes and Collisions
  • “Hit and Run” Motorist Claims
California Bicycle Accident Attorneys

The Five Most Common Types of Bicycle Accidents Involving a Vehicle Collision

  1. A vehicle making a right turn across the cyclist’s lane of travel;
  2. A vehicle turning left at an intersection;
  3. Dooring;
  4. The failure of a motorist to stop at a red light or stop sign; and
  5. A vehicle or cyclist passing on the right.

In the past, California has led the nation with the highest number of bicyclist deaths in motor vehicle collisions (it may still be cumulatively).  The latest publication from NHTSA’s National Center for Statistics and Analysis (U.S. Department of Transportation, 2017) saw California drop to second place in the year 2015.  However, 70% of cyclists who died in a bicycle accident during a traffic collision were in an urban area, like San Francisco or San Luis Obispo.  There is an average of four fatalities for cyclists in San Francisco each year (DataSF, 2017).  The number of collisions without a fatality can be harder to determine when not everyone reports them, but if you ride in an urban area like San Francisco or San Luis Obispo, it wouldn’t hurt to have our number saved in your phone.  We are here to help you as one of California’s leading bicycle accident law firms.

Why Rahman Law Bike Lawyers?

  • Leaders in the Safe Streets Movement
  • Committed Advocates for Cyclists
  • Top-Rated California Attorneys
  • Dedicated to Helping Cyclists
  • Free Consultations

With a proven track record as bicycle accident attorneys in California, the personal injury attorneys at Rahman Law are powerful advocates for people who have been injured through no fault of their own.  They have successfully recovered millions of dollars for their clients throughout California by providing the highest caliber of legal representation.

Real People, Real Stories

Read What Our Past Clients Have to Say About Us

Shaana is not your typical attorney. In point of fact, I don’t think she is a big fan of typical attorneys. Shaana is true believer in the rule of law and believes that people should always be given an equal opportunity and fair representation. She isn’t afraid to go toe to toe with the largest insurance companies to make sure that any person injured has the greatest chance at the best recovery. Rahman Law is the real deal, she is committed, communicative, capable and driven.

- Matthew California
An attorney who treats her clients as real people

It’s impressive that a firm actually does what they say they will. And their interest in protecting the rights of cyclists is also impressive, it’s great to see successful people using their power for the greater good. San Fran needs more bike supporters.

- Aria Q Seattle, WA
Actually does what they say they will

Out of all the attorneys I have spoken to, Rahman law firm gave me advice that wasn’t just beneficial, but honest and straightforward. Shaana and Neda both listened to all my concerns and answered any and all questions I may have had. Although I have not decided if I will retain their firm, Shaana put me on a path that has definitely given me a lot more options and outlook on how to pursue my case. If anyone is looking for just some advice or would like to speak to someone who will give them the honest answers, give this place a try. I walked away completely satisfied and hope everyone has a similar experience to what I had. Thank you Shaana and Neda, you guys deserved this review.

- Ismail A. Union City, California
Honest answers

Shaana and her team were professionals and helped shield us from dealing with insurance companies after a traumatic accident. She helped settle the case quickly and without forcing us to relive the experience. When the ambulance companies tried to circumvent the insurance company she dealt with them too. I really appreciate the help from the Rahman Law team.

- Kevin B. San Mateo, California
Helped shield us from dealing with insurance companies after a traumatic accident

I have used Rahman Law in Paso Robes, for a few different cases. Each time my experience has exceeded my expectations. Shaana Rahman is hardworking, trustworthy and tenacious. She fights for her clients and persists until she gets the desired outcome. She has an incredible support team that I was able to interact with during my cases as well. They took the time to walk me through any questions or issues I experienced during the process. This enabled me to be confident and stress-free during what is usually a nerve racking time. I highly recommend Rahman Law.

- Wendy M. Paso Robles
Exceeded my expectations

I met Shaana Rahman when she gave the Bike Coalition workshop, “Know Your Rights” (bicycle rights). It was immediately clear to me that: #1 – I should have taken the workshop years earlier. #2 – Shaana would be the best attorney for my recent bike accident. I just got off the phone with her and was very impressed. If there were 6 stars, I would have checked them all. She is experienced, smart, focused, clear, and concise. Prior to the call, her assistant called me and gathered all my information in a very organized fashion. Then she scheduled a time to speak with Shaana. It was clear that Shaana spent some time understanding my accident before she called. She asked very pointed questions and spent a good deal of time evaluating the accident and the viability of my case. My father was an attorney and he would scream from his grave if he heard how poor my recounting of the accident was, but Shaana steered me in the right direction. It’s ok, Dad. As it turned out, I don’t have a strong case, but I’m satisfied with the conclusion because she clearly laid out the reasons and offered to refer me to another attorney. That was unnecessary, as her advice was totally sound and reasonable. I will most definitely recommend Shaana to my friends and colleagues.

- Sue H. San Francisco, California
If there were 6 stars, I would have checked them all

I worked directly with Shaana Rahman who proved to be an excellent communicator and advocate. My case had some bumps in the road but Shaana kept things on course and never left me with any doubts about achieving anything other than a fair outcome. She’s a true professional and I’d gladly recommend her services.

- Jeff H. California
Excellent communicator and advocate

Shaana Rahman and her team were professional and very responsive. I was able to have all my questions answered within a few hours. Shaana is very knowledgeable and is able to provide detail process each step of the way. Very glad to have her represent me.

- Michael L. California
Professional and very responsive

Shaana Rahman provided us with excellent representation after my husband and I were the plaintiffs in two automobile injury cases in two years. In the first instance, in which the subject first admitted and then denied running a red light, Shaana was able to find a witness who corroborated our version of the facts. After the settlement, she worked hard to secure a favorable compromise with our medical insurer, who otherwise would have claimed almost the entire amount we received. In the second instance, in which we were hit by an uninsured motorist, she was able to negotiate a settlement far above my expectations from the uninsured motorist coverage of our insurance policy.

As an attorney myself, I have great admiration for her legal expertise and tireless dedication. As a client, I felt I was treated with respect, consideration and concern. While I hope never to be involved in another accident, should the unthinkable occur, Shaana would absolutely be my first choice as an advocate.

- Angela M. California
Legal expertise and tireless dedication

Shaana Rahman of the Rahman Law PC Law Firm was able to turn a really difficult liability case with thorny damages issues into a great result for my parents. My 87 year old mother is now cooking her Italian recipes in a brand new kitchen thanks to Shaana!!

- Nathan S. California
Great result

When I first found out my 5 year old cousin was abused (physically and sexually) while at school, needless to say, I was distraught. To add insult to injury, I was outraged when the school’s initial reaction was to deny the incident as if it never happened. The safety of other vulnerable children was at risk and no one seemed to care. It was clear that we needed a lawyer…and a good one.

During our initial consultation with Shaana Rahman, she was sensitive to the facts of the matter and expressed a genuine concern for my young cousin. She made certain we had the counseling available to us to deal with this traumatic experience and went straight to work advocating for our rights. Throughout the case she fought tirelessly not only for the victim, but for the rights of all youth at risk in the Oakland public school district. Shaana maintained excellent communication with our family and kept us abreast with pertinent information related to the case. Above all, I was highly impressed with Shaana’s negotiation skills. She was firm, tenacious and did a phenomenal job articulating the concerns of the family. To no surprise, the case was settled for an undisclosed amount.

This was not only about being compensated, but also about protecting the safety of minors. Shaana’s advocacy helped to change policies, procedures and guidelines within the Oakland Unified School District to help prevent the abuse and neglect of children while on school grounds. There are no words that can explain how it feels to have your voice heard and to be vindicated. Her advocacy for minors has empowered my young cousin to lead a healthy and productive life, and for that I am truly thankful.

- LaKeisha L. Oakland, California
She fought tirelessly

I was struck by a car while riding a bicycle and suffered injuries requiring medical treatment. Since the expected lack of response from the driver’s insurance company occurred, I retained Shaana Rahman to pursue the case.

The defendant’s attorneys were extremely difficult to work with, even for attorneys. It was decided to go to arbitration and Counselor Rahman argued against their attorneys, one of whom was their tight fisted money man.

I was extremely impressed by Rahman’s opening statement. That and her following arguments enabled me to collect a substantial settlement.

I would heartily recommend her to anyone requiring a competent personal injury lawyer.

- Alan F. California
I was extremely impressed

I especially appreciated Shaana’s insider knowledge of the insurance companies, and her experience handling accidents involving cyclists. She achieved the best outcome possible for my case, and importantly invested a lot of effort even when it wouldn’t affect her bottom line. Shaana also took all the worry and work out of the process for me, so I could focus on getting better. I’d definitely recommend her to anyone looking for a smart and effective advocate/attorney.

- Michelle R. California
Insider knowledge of the insurance companies


$300,000 Settlement for Bicycle Accident

While on his way to work, a bicyclist riding in a bike lane was hit by a car that was turning left through an intersection.  The cyclist was thrown from his bicycle onto his face, was knocked unconscious and suffered severe injuries, including the loss of several teeth.  The bicycle accident attorneys at Rahman Law were able to resolve the case at mediation.

$600,000.00 Verdict for Bicycle Accident

This case involved a hit and run collision between plaintiff, Tucker, who was traveling on Eddy Street on a fixed gear bicycle, and defendant, Mejia, an independent contractor operating a Lorrie’s shuttle van. Plaintiff Tucker was riding his bicycle when the defendant began making a lane change into Mr. Tucker’s lane of travel. The van sideswiped Mr. Tucker causing Mr. Tucker to be ejected from his bicycle onto his face. As a result, Mr. Tucker sustained serious facial injuries, including two jaw fractures and two facial fractures all of which required immediate surgery.  The bicycle accident lawyers at Rahman Law successfully tried this case with the San Francisco County Superior Court.

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